Who doesn’t have a smartphone today? Look around and you can find more smartphones than actually necessary. And since it is so, mobile app development has gone crazy. We have a dedicated team for mobile application development and whether it’s your project or hobby, public cause or fund raising, services or sales, we can provide you with the best solution of your demand. For the past two years, mobile development has captured the attention of more and more people. Tablets, iPhones, Smartphones are becoming a popular choice, leaving behind the desktop applications. Our team of experts adapted to this transition and are competent to meet the demands of mobile application development.

The focus of our development is to develop a versatile application which can even compete with the upcoming competition with a good margin. And while we are on it, we provide the following sorts of application development.

We offer services in mobile development that create the best applications and software aimed to provide remarkable and entertaining mobile application development to clients.  Our mobile development experts focus on mobile applications and games on the following platforms:



High-quality mobile development services for Android smartphones and tablet applications is one of our expertise. We design and develop applications for Android gadgets that will arm you up with high quality, functional applications, enabling you to overcome technological barriers and boost up your business.

Need an Android developer? Look no further, you have come to the right place. Our android development team has a competent portfolio and with skillful and qualified developers, we can provide your idea the best form of android programming shape you can ask for. We develop android applications for every gadget powered by android from gears and gadgets to phones and tablets.



The traditional iOS powered gadgets are the most lovable tools of technology Jobs delivered and with an increase in the app development trend, iOS development, being one of the trickiest, is hard to come by in quality. That’s where our dedicated iOS development team comes in, we develop with quality and follow the trend. No matter what your requirements are, our team can shape them into a secure iOS powered application.

Our team of experts in iOS and iPhone mobile development ensures to deliver high quality, consistent and feature-rich iOS and iPhone apps and development. If you need applications for your business, we provide unique and user-friendly applications with functional features that will bring about growth for your business.

Regexsoft also offers in cross-OS mobile development services using the following platforms:



Who doesn’t like games? With the boom of app development, gaming industry waved and moved to an ever higher level and has become of the busiest industries of IT. Among other gaming studios, Unity 3D has come up with some of the most amazing gaming solutions many other studios have failed to provide and our game designers can design the game of your demand with Unity 3D. Provide the specifications and preferences of your choice and see the magic cast by our team using Unity 3D.

Our experts in Unity -3D programming gives the best efforts in creating games that are fun, exciting and thrilling for smartphone, web, mobile, PC/Mac and tablet. We produce customized games that fit your preference and specifications.



Cocos-2D is simple to use, free and open 2D game framework and is one of the mobile application services that we offer. We create highly functional and creative structure for a variety of games such as adventure, board, educational, puzzle, racing, role-playing, shooter and strategy games.

Who doesn’t know about Cocos-2D, a framework to design 2D games but there are a few who actually know how to use this framework to the full extent. We create high resolution and user friendly 2D games with creative source structuring and a quality that attracts the eye. Contact us for any sort of genre and our team can portray your ideas into an interactive 2D creation of a game.