You come across a lot of riff raff when you call out for a graphic designer of any sort but to be honest, it’s not as easy as selling a service, once designed is a design owned. Whether you want your job done in Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, any other software or even with the traditional pen and paper duo, we have got the team that can design your idea into an inspirational product. 

Our creative and talented graphic designers strive to conceptualize high quality and compelling graphics and designs that are visually appealing. We create images and designs that will not only attract people to your product, but will also gain interest and response from your target market. Offering graphic design services at a reasonable and competitive price, we aim to help you grow your business through the aid of our artistically designed graphics. Our graphic design services include but are not limited to:


2D 3D

3D Graphics

Tell our digital artist what your mind holds and let us do the rest. We can design your idea into illustrations, animations or any known form of 3D design. Whether it’s a game character or a TV ad model, your idea can be put to 3D animatic from the skeleton to the finest of details with a skillful artistic process our designers can accomplish.

Our creative and artistic 3D graphic designers provide high-quality designs that can be a valuable asset for your product and brand. We create graphic designs for websites, printing, products and many more.  We create compelling and elegant 3D characters, architecture, and 3D videos according to your choice and preference.

Digital Paint

Let the digital brushes flick to fill colors to your idea, photos and paintings into a stunning digital canvas which can take you back to the good old memory lane when the moment was actually captured. Digital painting is a mashup of some of the most amazing factors of restoring damaged and old photos including recomposing the moment, restoring the quality and then enhancing it to the next level, special effects to wipe out the unwanted stuff and polishing it to a professional look.

With our digital paint services, we create full digital paintings from photos and portraits into stunning works of art that preserve and bring back to life your treasured and captured moments. We offer state of the art original digital painting, special effects, photo restoration, recomposing and converting poor quality images into a new professional look.

digital painting
character modeling

Character Modeling

Regexsoft offers excellent quality 3D character modeling services for our clients. We create customized 3D character designs based on the character.With our vast experience in character design and development, we help our customers illustrate their business according to specifications and description.

TV Ads, short animation films, games or any such platform needs a 3D character needed to be modeled in trendy and funky way, attractive enough to make its way to recognition to the target audience. Regasoft has the best people at its disposal who know how to blend your idea into the best trendy shape that can blend into the audience to bring out the best of your efforts. Simply describe what you want and you have it.

Vector Graphics

We offer high quality vector graphics services for your business or personal needs. We convert low resolution or blurry graphics into precise and scalable images. We turn images into vector pictures that will produce a finer and better images. High quality image conversions with a fast turnaround time at a very affordable price, our team of experts provides the best services for you.

Is there something wrong with your image file? If there is, just point it out. Here are the best tools in the hands of best people we could gather to provide you with the most efficient solution for your graphical images. Images with low resolution, blurs, blunt lights etc. are no worries for the solution providing teams we have in stores for you.

vector graphics


Illustration? Sure!! What size do you want? We design it all from an icon to the thumbnail and a banner to the HD Ad for your living space. Name your requirement and either share your valuable idea or choose one from a list of well thought ideas by the best illustration experts we have at work.

We provide the best illustrations of any type, whether for presentations, books or papers. Our team creates high quality and professional images that you can rely on for any project. We provide styles and ideas for your business, project or personal needs.


We strive to offer the world’s best texture designs. As 3D artists, we know the importance of creativity and having a good photo material to have the best image outcome. With our creative and imaginative artists, we design and create textures according to your preference.

Our store has a number of predesigned textures and a dedicated team of qualified and skillful designers are on a mission to bring out the most unique textures our customers can employ for their projects. Of course your preference is most precious for us and our digital artists are waiting tip toed to design the idea of your choice.