With diverse experience in providing enterprise software development services, our team continues to develop custom enterprise solutions and applications critically designed to meet the unique demands of the clients. Two important aspects that we consider in developing enterprise applications is the security of the application and being user-friendly of the software. We are dedicated to meet the expectations of our clients and get their business running smoothly enabling them to have easy access and feel secure with the applications.

Enterprise Software Development services include:.


Cloud Based Applications

Regexsoft creates cloud-based applications that give clients the choice to use technology according to their needs. Using virtual platforms has a lower cost while rapidly reaching a greater number of people.

Desktop Softwares

At Regexsoft we provide customized desktop software solutions helping our clients achieve their business goals, meet their needs and solve issues with the use of web-based solutions.


Extensive Backend Servers

Our team has diverse knowledge and experience in every aspect of server development. We create extensive backend servers that are fully functional, enabling you to achieve your business objectives.

Database Design

Database information is essential in today’s businesses. Our experts in database design and development provides design and maintenance services for your company database, making business operations run smoothly and efficiently. Our team understands the fundamentals of database technology and is highly competent to provide services in this vast field of database technology.


Real-Time Apps

Our experts develop real-time applications (RTA) that are highly functional. We create video conference applications, voice over internet protocol (VoIP), online gaming, chatting, Instant Messaging (IM) and community storage solutions that best address your business needs.